Acme Pebblegrain Football

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Acme Pebblegrain Football

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Football is one of America's oldest sports, and arguably its most American. Originating in the 1800s, early football history evokes both masculinity and sportsmanship, making it perfectly Cavalier.

This richly aged vintage football from Acme dates from the early 20th Century and features a full pebble grain exterior with original graphics, typography, and lacing.

Consider this a piece more for show than actual play—the bladder won't hold air at maximum capacity, but it's got character and patina to spare.

  • This product is one of a kind. Once purchased, it will forever be catalogued in the Cavalier archives.
  • This football does not hold air at maximum capacity. Natural wear and tear is evident on the outer of the football.
  • Please refrain from using in actual sport.