Pendleton Wool Shirt

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Pendleton Wool Shirt

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A superior Pendleton Flannel Shirt. For more than a century, Pendleton Woolen Mills products have stood for quality and character and this flannel is no exception.

Dating from the mid-1970's, this shirt is crafted in 100% Pure Virgin Wool, and has stood the test of decades and is presented in top condition, with original buttons, stitching, and lining. Its generous cut makes this shirt suitable for the burliest of men, and its style suggests you complement with a beard, mustache, and axe.

  • This product is one of a kind. Once purchased, it will forever be catalogued in the Cavalier archives.
  • This product is vintage, but in mint condition. Features original stitching, fabric, and construction.
  • This shirt is a size Medium.