Atomic Survival Book

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Atomic Survival Book

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In the first decades of the Cold War, the threat of atomic attack loomed large, and planning for 'survival' was a constant preoccupation. In subsequent years we learned how tragically insufficient some of this planning would have been—students encouraged to take shelter under school decks is a striking example—and so the artifacts of these times take on extra weight.

This vintage 30-page manual outlines then-believed tactics for protecting yourself in the event of such an attack, and everything from its design to its content evokes a simpler time with more terrifying threats.

  • This product is one of a kind. Once purchased, it will forever be catalogued in the Cavalier archives.
  • This book is in very good condition. Pen scribbles are evident on the back cover, corners have wear, and paper has undergone natural aging.
  • In the event of a modern-day atomic attack, we suggest seeking a more current source of information.