Beattie Jet Lighter

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Beattie Jet Lighter

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Beattie Jet Lighters were manufactured for only a brief period—from the mid 1940's to 1961—that coincided with the birth of the Jet Age, and subtly evoke that era's fascination with technology and the future.

Held upright, the lighter is well suited for normal lighting tasks, but tipped a few inches this ingenious device uses jet pressurization to shoot a two-inch blue flame perfect for lighting a pipe. 
Patent numbers on the bottom indicate that this is a later-model Beattie, and it's presented here in excellent condition with only minor abrasions and a small dent on the bottom.

  • This product is one of a kind. Once purchased, it will forever be catalogued in the Cavalier archives.
  • This product is used and vintage. 
  • Lighter is shipped empty. Please add lighter fluid after purchase.