Original Leather Duffle


Original Leather Duffle

Collection: Cavalier Essentials

Introducing the Cavalier Original Leather Duffle, an extraordinary piece of craftsmanship and our signature product.

This bag pays homage to our original "hit the road and live" ethos and is designed to improve with every use. This is a bag to be passed from generation to generation, developing character and patina worthy of the adventures it accompanies.

Hand-stitched and made to order in New York City by our skilled and meticulous leather craftsperson, the Cavalier duffle is as beautiful as it is functional. Each bag is entirely unique in nature—a one-of-a-kind artifact crafted for you and never reproduced.

The exterior of the bag is constructed from a single cow hide, wrapping from the bottom to where the zipper meets. The zipper is sewn by hand and provides plenty of strength and durability to protect the bag's contents in any weather.

The interior of this bag features two full leather side pockets to secure and protect your smaller goods. We've kept the inside of the bag raw to highlight the quality of the materials and encourage the leather to age and develop, and added an additional piece of leather to line the inside bottom, adding shape and sturdiness.

Two hand-sewn leather handles are double wrapped around the outside, and carefully designed end brackets condense the bag when attaching a shoulder strap. We can also customize the strap to the exact length you desire.

This piece is truly special—a genuine article that perfectly embodies the values of Cavalier.

  • This item is made-to-order and stitched by hand. Please allow 3-4 weeks for final delivery once order is placed.
  • This item is brand new and made by hand in New York City.
  • Please provide a valid email address for customization inquiries.