Engraved Stainless Flask


Engraved Stainless Flask

Collection: Cavalier Essentials

Introducing the Cavalier Essentials Original Stainless Steel Flask.

Minimal in design and essential in function, our hip flask features a discreet Cavalier 'C' on the front, and comes ready to charge with whatever you please. (We think of this product as a gentleman's canteen, suitable for refreshing water or something a bit more invigorating.)

With a perfect six ounce capacity, this flask is designed for comfort and portability. A secure twist-off cap is attached to the base, making it impossible to lose even when your adventures take a turn for the daring.

Carry this flask in your pocket or bag, and disclose carefully: flasks are often prohibited in public areas where open container laws are in effect. 

  • This item is currently in-stock.
  • This item is brand new and crafted in New York City.
  • We don't believe you'd actually put water in here.