Vintage Small Zippo Lighter

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Vintage Small Zippo Lighter

Collection: The Online Flea

In bringing you the perfect Cavalier lighter, we needed to look no further than Zippo, a quintessentially American brand signaling quality, utility and durability since the 1930's.

This lighter is unique due to its small size and limited production run, and hails from the mid 1970's, when the smoke was thicker and lighters were more common than ever.

Whether you're a regular smoker or occasional toker, this unique Zippo will fit in any small compartment or pocket. This is one of two small Zippo lighters in the Cavalier collection, and won't be available for long.

  • This product is one of a kind. Once purchased, it will forever be catalogued in the Cavalier archives.
  • This product is vintage, but in mint condition. Features small scratches on lighter surface.
  • Smoke em' if you got em'. This lighter is shipped without lighter fluid.